10 Ways to Get Outside More Often (Tip 1 of 3 Breakdown of our series- 3 Ways to Quickly Boost Your Mood)

Posted on May 19, 2020 at 12:25 PM


Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood Throughout the Day










Last week, we shared 3 quick ways to boost your mood. ⭐Today we are going a bit further with each of the 3 tips to give you lots of ideas on how to build these mood boosters into your day even with all the demands we are currently trying to fill.




#1 Music: 10 ways to boost your mood with music!������


Yesterday, we shared 3 quick ways to boost your mood. Sound easy enough, but with all the demands we have right now, figuring out how to add one more thing can be tricky. So, we are going to those down even more over the next several days to give you lots of ideas on how you can build mood boosting moments as often as possible.


Mood booster 1: music! It reduces stress, lowers anxiety, makes us mindful, increases motivation, helps relieve pain and improve overall wellness!

- make a playlist of your favorite bands and listen throughout the day

-listen to worship music or music you spiritually connect with auring a few quiet moments with deep breathing

- If you are musically inclined, write a song, play an instrument, sing a song as part of your morning or evening routine each day

-Dance! With your family or by yourself is a great way to boost your mood and get your heart pumping

-Write down your favorite song lyrics and refer back to them when you need a boost

-Start your day with music- use your phone alarm with a customized some you like rather than an annoying beep or buzz

-If you usually have the tv on for noise, replace it with music that matches the mood you want to achieve

#2- Get Outside!

-Take your laptop or kids school work outside on the porch or in the yard

- Since the gyms are closed, get your exercise and vitamin D by walking, running, or biking (take the kids and dog too!)

-Start a garden and get a bonus of some homegrown veggies (small potted herb garden works if you are short on space)

-Take your meditation or prayer time outside and enjoy the sun and the birds while you work on your spiritual growth

-Grab a blanket or hammock and take a nap outside in the fresh air

- Make a spa on your lawn- grab some nail polish, an homemade face mask or lotion for for massages. This is a great activity to do with kids!

- Do some photography (skip the selfies and focus on the amazingness of nature)- bonus points for finding a new hiking trail or walking path to check out!

-It is the perfect time of year to eat outside- not too hot or cold. Grab your lunch and take it outside for a break from work, homeschooling, or homework

☕ Wake up without the distractions- take your tea or coffee outside and think of three things you are thankful for before getting on your phone or email.

-Find your inner artist. Sidewalk chalk, painting, coloring, drawing- what better place to be inspired than outdoors?


#3 Exercise!


You know you need it but sometimes it's so difficult to get motivated! Exercise is some important to help keep our bodies and minds healthy and can instantly boost your mood.

Easy ways to get more exercise without having to get up before the ��:


-Ride your bike more! You may be working at home but if you can hop on your bike and grab the mail or run an errands, it is an easy way to get moving!

-Dance with your kids, friends or significant other! Quality time and exercise is sure to give you a mood boost!

-Take a break and walk your dog. Gets you in the fresh air and gets the blood moving, especially if you work at desk all day.

- Garden or do yardwork- another 2 for 1! Grow some veggies or spruce up your space to get exercise while checking something off your to do list!

-Stream a workout at home- there are lots of free workouts to do right now and all you have to do is hit play and follow along.

5️⃣ minutes is better than none at all, so if you are really strapped for times do a 5 minute workout several times throughout the day and it will add up quickly!


Happy exercising!

Here's to lots of fresh air, sunshine, and better moods!





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